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It’s a great pleasure to introduce ourselves as  one of the leading travel companies based in Sri Lanka & Maldives. Serving guest from around the world. We are the one of  best tour operators in Sri Lanka, offering travel services to visitors to Sri Lanka from all around the world. We serve thousands of visitors to Sri Lanka with Multi day tours, Day tours, Private tours, Transfers, Hotel bookings and all kind of travel services Islandwide. We also can complete custom tour itinary, acording to the requirement.



We are always excited to work with brands, travel companies, travel agents, opperators, individuals and organizations. As we work to create memorable tours that cater to a wide range of demographics, we continuously look for new partners that can establish stable, long term relationships.

Memories, knowledge of new cultures, friendships, photos: travel gives you a lot. But while traveling, you can also give something back. When you travel with BTR SL, for instance, you bring about economic progress to local communities. We work as much as possible with locals


 Our business thrives on enhancing the trusted, personal relationships between our Partners and their clients, as well as enabling flexible, back-up support to help you succeed during every step of the trip. Our team has vast experience and knowledge of the sector, 




Why partner with BTR SL


  • Offer a wide range of tour products tailored to your customer’s preferences.
  • Manage multiple destinations (Sri Lanka and Maldives) and bookings 
  • Create quick quotes and receive instant confirmation.
  • Ensure customer safety and satisfaction at all times.
  • The Perfect Solutions to Suit Your Requirement
  • 24/7 Corporate Travel Assistance 




 For further information, please contact us at  or fill out the form below.


For  quick response you can also reach us through WhatsApp +94770286418 



We wish you a good day!