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Gem Therapy - Crystal Healing - Yoga & Ayurveda Retreats - Sri Lanka 

Crystal Healing - Gems Therapy - Ayurveda Retreats & Yoga - Sri Lanka 




Don't Miss This in Your Sri Lanka Vacation. Gem therapy is a natural way to look after your body using minerals and crystals. It is an ancestral technique for relieving pain, harmonizing, and balancing the mind, reducing stress, and self–healing. Many consider this technique alternative energy medicine because it is simple, effective, and widely available.



The benefits of Gemstones caters to every aspect of human life, mental and emotional stability, sex power, harmonising relationships, love, used by pregnant ladies to embed desired attributes in the child in womb and also to relieve labor pain (Emerald), relieve pain, reduce stress, travelling assistance, financial freedom, abundance and prosperity, growth, decision making power, weath creation/maintenance/progress and the list goes on. 


Because of its simple, effective and admiringly accessible nature is considered as an alternative medicine. The Gemstones are the minerals found in various terrains of planet Earth and have the energies of the respective planets they represent in the solar system Astrologically. Also because of the simple yet highly effective attribute it is widely used around the world. Every civilization that existed had a record of harnessing the power of Gems and the knowledge is passed on to ancestral hierarchy that is even decoded till date. Today, besides the known benefits of Gemstones, a certain number of newly discovered benefits have come to light that keeps the wonderful world of Gemstones along with Gem-therapy alive. 





Full Details of  gemstone therapy Crystal Healing and how long has it been around,


Gemstones are high-vibration crystals that carry their own unique healing energies. When certain high-vibration crystals are shaped into a rounded or spherical shape, they can be worn on the body or placed in the aura to provide healing therapy.  The healing powers of gemstones work with the energetic anatomy and the thoughts, memories, and emotions of a person’s being—often where the cause of many illnesses and stressors are rooted.

It’s not a new practice—in fact, there is evidence that the healing power of gemstones was recognized as far back as the Greek and Egyptian civilizations, as well as in the Vedic period in Sri Lanka, India. According to online research, archaeologists discovered evidence of systematic mining for gemstones in Egypt more than 7,000 years ago, as well as in Afghanistan’s Oxus Valley.

The Vedas, a large body of religious texts originating in ancient India,Sri Lanka are acknowledged as the original “authority” on gems with their description, potencies, and prescriptions for effective use. According to the Vedas, “imbalances could be set right either by wearing gems against one’s skin or using them as an ingredient to make medicines and potions to be taken internally.”

Another interesting fact: even the gems worn by royalty over the years were not merely used for decoration. Gemstones adorned the crowns of kings and queens primarily for their hidden strengths, and they were believed to be capable of influencing the powers of nature and wealth.




Why Crystal Healing?

Instead of addressing the immediate symptoms of a dis-ease, Crystal Healing, like other holistic therapies, considers the underlying causes of it, be they physical, mental or spiritual. Crystal Healing is about re-establishing the harmony and balance within the body using the natural high vibrations that crystals have. Laying carefully chosen crystals on particular points on the body allows that body to ‘re-tune’ itself and restore the equilibrium and wellbeing that were missing.



What are some of the benefits of Gemstone Therapy?


The therapeutic benefits of gemstone energies run far and wide—there’s a reason why it’s been around for centuries. Gemstone Therapy can provide relief from a wide range of mental, physical, and spiritual challenges. From helping with anxiety and depression to chronic and acute pain, sprains, and even skin rashes and disorders, Gemstone Therapy energizes the body and mind, decreases blood pressure and inflammation, frees blocked emotions, reduces toxins, minimizes stress and attracts positive energy.



Gems Therapy, Crystal Healing and ayurvedic Therapy in Sri Lanka Vacation Holiday Tour Package.


This all Gems Therapy, Crystal Healing and ayurvedic Therapy will boost high vibration in are body, because of that million of foreigners when they come to Sri Lanka not missing this Valuable things. Practitioners of this alternative therapy know that gemstones carry certain vibrations which, when placed within an individual’s aura, have the effect of altering it. It’s believed that the human aura contains nine colors, and any deficiency or excess of these colors, according to the theory and practice, can upset the human body’s energy balance, leading to illness. Gemstones help you heal by restoring the balance to the original composition of these nine colors. The balance and restoration of these colors are a fundamental and absolutely necessary part of health and wellness. 






The 7 Chakras points in Human Body

A typical healing session may consist of a certified massage therapist or alternative healer trained to place various gemstones or crystals on different areas of your body known as chakra points. These points are located on the forehead, throat, chest, stomach, gut and genital areas.

The base chakra is the lowest chakra of our bodies right at the bottom of the spine. This chakra is related to our basic needs: security and stability.  

Next is the sacral chakra that lies between your pelvic bowl and your navel. This energy center is connected to sexuality, desire, and reproduction.

The third chakra, is known as the solar plexus chakra. It is the energy center of our bodies and determines our focus, will and drive.

The fourth chakra is located around your heart and linked to our emotional health, love, compassion.

Right in the throat is the chakra that controls communication.

In the forehead, just above the throat chakra and in between the eyes is the third eye connected to intuition and spiritual awareness.

Gem Therapy also promotes the use of talismans during your everyday life, as a way of treating or preventing disease. This may include carrying a crystal in your pocket or purse, placing them under pillow while you sleep, or wearing a protective gemstone on your body as jewelry -- this is precisely why at Kristals we carry a selection of healing gemstone jewelry.




Yoga &  Ayurveda Retreats, Sri Lanka


Health in Ayurveda is understood in the holistic sense of incorporating one’s body, mind and soul/spirit. Therefore, Ayurveda describes a way of life: Yoga, meditation, lifestyle practices, behaviour, diet, detoxification and rejuvenation procedures (Panchakarma) etc which will satisfy the basic instinct to keep fit, stay healthy and to live a long, fulfilling life. This holistic view of health sets it apart from ‘conventional’ systems of medicine which seek to treat the symptoms of an illness and don’t attach as much importance to the role of diet and lifestyle in curing illness and maintaing good health.

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