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How to go Yala National Park from Galge entrance, Detail Information About Yala block 3 and 5 


How to go Yala National Park from Galge entrance, Detail Information About Yala block 3 and 5 



For tours, Safari and visit Yala, please contact us, Hotel pickup available. Yala National Park Entrance to block 3 and 5 Access points to these parts of Yala are the Galge gates. In the large part of Yala called block 3 and 5 forests are more widespread. These parts of Yala can be described as a beautiful wilderness with hardly any visitors.In the northern blocks 3 and 5 of Yala the habitat provides more favorable conditions for a larger population of elephants and it is here bigger herds are living.Yala Block 5 is one of the very beautiful park, if you love nature. From the mountains of Uva rivers and streams flow in a southeasterly direction. The Kumbukkan Oya in the eastern Yala and Menik river and its tributaries in the west flow across the park and provide important water sources in the dry season to wild animals of the park.


It is about 30 Km from the Tissa Town. Katharagama is the main closest town to Galage entrance,which is approximately 18 kms away from Yala National Park’s Galage entrance, 

Yala National Park is open from 6 AM to 6 PM for visitors. The mode of safari is only in soft top Jeeps. No walking safaris allowed.




Yala National Park Private Safari Jeep & How Many People Can join in One jeep


Yala National Park, Private Safari Tour, Yala safari jeep has the capacity for up to 6 people. We Usually arrange  pick-up and drop-off from  Hotels. We'll arrange excellent wild life safari tours for you, with our experience Drivers, Guides. and they know the forest. Even 1 person we will continue the tour. We also do Half -Day Safari 3 to 4 Hours, Full-Day Safari  Upto 7 Hours, 







What kind of wildlife see in Yala National Park 

 So much, Jackals,crocodiles, deer, many types of monkey, wild water buffaloes, lizards, snakes, sloth bears, fishing cat, mongoose, boar, red slender loris, Sri Lankan elephant, Sri Lankan leopard. We have 44 species of mammal but over 215 species of bird, seeven of which are endemic to the park: Sri Lanka wood pigeon, crimson fronted barbet, black capped bulbul, Sri Lanka grey hornbill, Sri Lanka jungle fowl, blue-tailed bee-eater and brown-capped babbler. You’ll also see waders, egrets, herons, hundreds of peacocks, kingfishers and three types of eagle. As in nature sightings can not be guaranteed. Our Safari driver will try the best. Great Service Guaranteed.




Yala National Park Safari Jeep Tour and How to Book

Our 4 x 4 drive jeeps provide you a comfortable Vehicle for you to make your visit unforgettable experience in Yala National Park. Private Tours, We Guide you to get best experience and safe traveling in Yala. Our jeeps are registered within Yala National Park, Come join with us. Feel the difference, for Book a Yala National park Safari Jeep please send us a whatsapp message to +94770286418 we will send the payment link fro you.