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   Sri Lanka Natural Sapphire Gemstone and Accessories



At the moment, Emerald, Sapphire, and Ruby are the only stones that are considered precious. The rest of the gems are considered "semi-precious." "Precious stones" have a "high value," which means that they cost more per carat than a diamond. Gemstones are valuable for a number of reasons. These include how rare, popular, long-lasting, and, of course, beautiful something is.

A gemstone waits below the ground for hundreds of millions of years, Once graded, the rough gemstones are sold through auction to cutters, who then prepare them for jewellery designers, ready to work their magic transforming each one into a unique accessory. But once discovered it can take just one year for it to reach the consumer,

Every gemstone is unique just like a fingerprint,  No two gemstones are ever alike, which makes designing jewellery with them such a personal endeavor, both for us and for our consumer. It's special for the wearer of one of our pieces to know that their special piece is as one-of-a-kind as they are.’



Sapphires are One of the Four Precious Gemstones. The terms stones and gemstones are thrown around quite a bit, but for the most part, while almost all gemstones originate from some mineral (besides from rare exceptions like pearls), not every stone is a gemstone, which is used almost interchangeably with the term precious. This is because some are considered more precious than others and only a select few in the category of precious gemstones. 




Sri Lanka Natural Blue Sapphire Gemstone 


Blue sapphire is a type of gemstone that is mostly blue in color. It is a popular choice for jewelry and has been used in royalty for centuries. The name sapphire comes from the Greek word "sappheiros," meaning blue. Worlds 1 st 2 nd 3 rd largest blue sapphires all are from Sri Lanka. Ceylon blue sapphires are favored across the world due to its naturally forming vivid colour, purity, translucent and density which other countries cannot replicate. The country has the highest density of gems stones compared to land mass than any country in the world.



Sri Lanka Natural Pink Sapphire Gemstone


Pink sapphires are in high demand due to the extremely appealing color and the excellent light reflection inherent in these stones. They have grown in demand to equal that of blue sapphires. Even the various hues of pink sapphires are in equal demand, from light baby pink to “hot,”magenta, and intense. sapphires is the perfect addition to any jewelry collection. The sapphires are a beautiful shade of pink, and they are perfectly matched in size and shape.




Sri Lanka Natural Ruby Gemstone


Ruby is a deep red colored gemstone only second in popularity for colored stones. Rubies, scientifically known as corundum, are a natural Gemstone mined from the Earth and derive their color from natural trace elements like Chromium.Ruby is distinguished for its bright red color, being the most famed and fabled red gemstone. Beside for its bright color, it is a most desirable gem due to its hardness, durability, luster, and rarity. Transparent rubies of large sizes are even rarer



Sri Lanka Natural Padparadscha Sapphires Gemstone


Padparadscha is the rarest variety of sapphire found in sri Lanka. In fact, it's the most rare, and most prized form of sapphire. The Name is Sinhalese word "padma radschen", meaning lotus blossom, as the colour of stone is of a similar colour to the lotus blossom. The ideal colour of the padparadscha is the combination of lotus flower and tropical sunset. However there has been differing arguments among experts defining its colour. A survey was taken among the Sri Lankan to identify the colour where most respondents predominantly identified as mentioned in the below table. Many participant indicated 'Deep and vivid' mixture of pink and orange as cherished colour spectrum of padparadscha stone.


How to Know if a Gemstone Is Real in Sri Lanka  


When buying gemstone jewelry, it is important to know if it is a real gemstone or an imitation. 
The shine of a real gemstone will be subtle as it's been worn down by nature. Meanwhile, a synthetic one will have a brighter shine. Although it might seem like it would be the other way around, it isn't. A natural occurrence, gemstones will also have a lesser sparkle than a synthetic one.

National Gem and Jewellery Authority pioneers in gemstone testing and certification in Sri Lanka. At present private gemological laboratories are mushrooming everywhere, yet, the gemstone certificates issued by National Gem and Jewellery Authority are still sought after by most people. Only a few gemstone laboratories around the world are owned by the respective Governments and this laboratory too falls under the same category. As such, NGJA certificates are widely accepted by both local and overseas gem dealers.

A gemstone certificate is required to ascertain the quality of a gemstone, a gemstone certificate report ensures you are buying a genuine product.

Most of are jewelleries are hand handmade so you can get a custom design. Choosing the design and adding other kinds of personal touch, you can collaborate with your jewellery designer from start to finish.


Natural Sapphire Gemstone Necklaces & Pendants Sri Lanka


We offer Sapphire necklaces and pendants in many design styles from simple, bezel-set pendants to a halo of diamonds in a wide selection of precious metals. Sapphire gemstones are a beautiful  color. Whether you’re shopping for a birthstone or a favorite color, you’ll find beautiful Sapphire gemstone necklaces from us. Explore beautiful styles for any occasion when you explore our collection of Sapphire necklaces and Sapphire pendants and find the perfect necklace for yourself or for a special gift.


Natural Sapphire Gemstone Ring Sri Lanka


A fine collection of natural Sapphire rings in elegant designs. Buy enviable rings for men and women. We offer Sapphire Rings in many design styles. Sapphire gemstones are a beautiful  color. Whether you’re shopping for a birthstone or a favorite color, you’ll find beautiful gemstone Ring from us. Explore beautiful styles for any occasion when you explore our collection of Sapphire Rings find the perfect Jewellery for yourself or for a special gift.

Buying a gemstone is often a very different experience.  For example, a sapphire is compared to another sapphire, but wouldn't be compared to an emerald or aquamarine. Choose your gemstone jewelry based on your personal preferences. All the gems  tested and a “Certification of Gem Identification” issued with every gem stone. We assure that you will get high quality products and excellent customer service for your every purchase. please feel free to contact us directly


Natural Sapphire Gemstone Sri Lanka