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Venivelgeta in english name coscinium fenestratum and its benefits 





known as Venivel (Sinhala), Cosciniumfenestratum,
Atturam /Kadari (Tamil), Calumba Wood/Tree Turmeric (English) is one of the most important plants used in traditional medicine.It has become very important in recent years due to its rarity and the growing demand in the medicinal plant sector. This critically endangered plant is a large woody creeper indigenous to the Indo-Malayan region. It is found in Sri Lanka, India,Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Singapore and Thailand. Venivel is found in abundance in theforest fringes and disturbed forests in the low country wet zone of Sri Lanka.


Dried root and stem are the important parts of this medicinal plant. Propagation of the Venivel plant is primarily through seeds. The plant takes around 15 years to mature and flower. Its critically endangered status is due the overexploitation of the plant for the supply of raw drug market and its relatively slow growth rate which results in depletion of the spices in the wild. The stem of the Venivel is cut into pieces and stored in bottles for future use. It is commonly used in Sri Lanka to make a herbal drink.

Coscinium fenestratum has a long history as a medicinal plant in the various traditional medicines of the region where it grows. This includes Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha medicine in India, Sinhala medicine in Sri Lanka, The plant is used for a large variety of diseases and conditions, from fevers and diabetes to celiac disease and snake bites. It is unclear if all these medicinal uses of . fenestratum are backed up by science, but laboratory tests have shown that the plant has potent bioactive properties.