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How much it cost to travel to Maldives

Maldive Islands Tourism Package Cost

How much budget for maldives trip


Maldives is one location which every person should visit at least once in their lifetime. It is a perfect destination for every traveler who wishes to spend quality time together while having fun. Maldives has everything from flourishing marine life to pristine beaches to the most exotic resorts. more about your upcoming trip and your budget, as this will dictate whether you'll be looking to stay on a local or inhabited island where accommodation is found in small hotels or guesthouses on islands  where Maldivian people live and work. 
The climate of maldives  is warm and tropical. Temperature maintains an average highs between 29°C to 31°C year-round and average lows usually at minimum 24°C. Accompanied by little rain and a low humidity. Sharia Law applies on these islands, so alcohol is forbidden and conservative dress must be worn. Some local islands have "bikini beaches" where swim/beachwear may be worn. Local islands also have infrastructure such as schools, light industry, small grocery stores etc and represent the budget option for travellers keen to experience local life and culture.



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The other option is a stay at a private resort, which is a hotel located on an island and the only thing on that island, So you'll eat all your meals at the hotel's restaurant, alcohol is available and you may swim and wear beachwear freely. Maldives, known for clear azure waters, white sandy beaches, underwater life and luxurious overwater villas is a truly unforgettable destination. surrounded by pure white sand, tropical beauty and sparkling lagoon. This is the more expensive option  though this does of course come at a price. Transfers to resort islands can be expensive but gives the opportunity to experience a seaplane flight in some instances, which is not the case with local islands which can be reached by speedboat.



How much does it cost to go to maldives


Immersive holidays are not just about relaxing in a plush hotel but also interacting with nature and other life forms. If you are planning a holiday in Maldives, Our Maldive tour Package gives you the chance to see the real Maldives and to discover the culture, beautiful sceneries, friendly local people and atmosphere of this tropical paradise while staying in comfortable locally owned good Hotel. 

 If you're leaning towards a stay at a private resort, will set out some of the considerations that will help build your wish list and help us to guide you with some suggestions, Get ready to enjoy Maldivian cuisine, beautiful white sandy beaches, azure crystal blue sky, tropical marine life, fantastic coral reefs, and a huge variety of water sports to choose from. Presenting heaven on earth on this splendid beach holiday,  this trip will definitely give you never-ending fun and tons of memories which will last for a lifetime.


Our trips are completely based around your interests and schedule.  For Booking, more details or special requests, Please feel free to contact us. Great service Guaranteed, We will arrange your tour according to your wish